The Kitchen at The Strawbury Duck

Our fantastic menus carefully balance all of your favourite classic dishes, with an homely feel to give you the best experience possible.

We believe in producing excellent quality food using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

By working closely with our suppliers, we ensure that only the freshest and best tasting ingredients enter our kitchen. Whether you are visiting us for breakfast, a light lunch, Sunday roasts or a get together with family friends – The Strawbury Duck is here for you, whatever the occasion.


Soup of the day with fresh bread roll. Always Vegetarian (V) 4.75

Creamy goats cheese sat on a toasted croute, red onion chutney, drizzled with aged balsamic (V) 7.50

Southern fried chicken BBQ sauce 6.25

Creamy garlic mushrooms, fresh dippy bread (V) 7.25

Morecambe bay potted shrimps, maze butter, warm toast 7.95

Bury Black pudding, poached hens egg, toastedcroute, wholegrain mustard sauce 7.50

Hummus, grilled pitta bread, dressed salad, olive oil (V,VG) 5.95

Homemade buttered chicken liver parfait, red onion chutney, warm toast 6.75

Traditional Prawn Cocktail, Atlantic baby prawns, Marie Rose sauce, baby Gem, lemon, buttered bread 7.25

Tomato & red pepper bruschetta, balsamic, dressed salad garnish (V,VG) 6.25

Rare breed Belmont Pork Chipolatas, Mustard Mayo 4.95

Half Pint of Scampi, tartare sauce, lemon 5.25

Cheesy Garlic Bread (V) 4.25

Breaded Fish Goujons, tartare sauce, lemon 5.25

Local Pork Pie, piccalilli 4.25

Pub Classics

Homemade Pie of the week, shortcrust pastry, homemade chunky chips, buttered peas 13.95

Beer battered fish of the day, homemade chunky chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce, lemon wedge 12.95

Aireys Braised Herdwick Lamb Shoulder, savoy cabbage, green beans, dauphinoise potato, red wine jus 16.95

Lancashire, cheddar cheese & onion pie, shortcrust pastry, homemade chunky chips, baked beans(V) 13.95

Breaded scampi, homemade chunky chips, buttered peas, tartare sauce, lemon wedge 12.95

Rare breed saddleback sausages, creamy mash, fine green beans, sweet onion gravy 12.95

Homemade fisherman’s pie, smoked haddock, salmon & cod, cheesy mash, buttered peas (No shellfish) 12.95

The chefs special cheese & mushroom omelette, dressed salad, spicy Cajun fries (V) 12.95

Grilled Vegetable Curry, served with rice or chips, onion bhaji, garlic naan (V,VG) 10.95

Southern fried chicken in a basket, crispy southern spiced chicken, fries, coleslaw, BBQ sauce 12.95

Pan fried chicken breast, creamy peppercorn sauce, green beans, homemade chunky chips 13.95

The Strawbury Duck breast, bacon savoy cabbage, dauphinoise potato, a red wine & strawberry jus 18.95

Burgers & Grill

Tandoori chicken hanging kebab, dressed salad, fries, garlic butter, chipotle mayo, garlic naan bread 15.95

Grilled Chicken Caesar salad, cos lettuce, croutons, Caesar dressing, parmesan shavings 11.95

10oz Belmont farm gammon steak, fried egg, fresh pineapple, homemade chunky chips, buttered peas 12.95

8oz 28-day matured rib eye steak, Garlic butter, homemade chunky chips, dressed salad, cherry vine tomatoes 18.95

Homemade Angus Burger, baby gem lettuce, tomato, toasted brioche bun, homemade chunky chips & coleslaw 12.95

Breaded chicken burger, baby gem lettuce, tomato, toasted brioche bun, homemade chunky chips, Cajun mayo 12.95

The Strawbury duck burger, Angus beef burger topped with shredded duck, onion rings, Cajun fries & BBQ sauce 14.95

Spicy bean burger, baby gem lettuce, tomato, brioche bun, sweet potato fries, coleslaw (V) 11.95

Add bacon, cheese, onion rings (v) or sweet potato fries (v) for 1.00 extra

Sauces & Sides

Choice of sauces include:
Blue cheese, Peppercorn sauce or Diane sauce for 2.95

Onion rings (V) 2.95
Sweet potato fries (V) 3.50
Creamy Mash potatoes (V) 2.25
Bread & Butter (V) 1.95
Skinny Fries (V) 2.95
Spicy Cajun fries (V) 2.95
Homemade chunky chips (V) 2.95
Mixed Vegetables (V) 2.95
Mixed leaf salad with house dressing (V) 2.95
Coleslaw (V) 1.00

Sandwich Menu

Served 12pm-3pm
With a choice of fresh local white or wholegrain bread & dressed mixed leaf salad

Roast beef roll, red onion marmalade & horseradish sauce 7.95

Proper fish finger butty, breaded fish goujons & homemade tartare sauce 6.75

Good old Lancashire cheese sandwich, local creamy Lancashire cheese & chunky Branston pickle (V) 6.25

Tuna sarnie, tuna mayo, spring onion & fresh cucumber 6.25

Pig butty, warm rare breed BBQ pulled pork sandwich served with chipotle mayo & homemade coleslaw 7.95

Chicken & Bacon, Chunks of chicken & bacon in a creamy mayonnaise 6.95

Ploughman’s lunch, whole apple, radish, pork pie, Lancashire cheese, celery, pickle, bread roll 8.95

Add a mug of soup 2.00 ~ Add Homemade chunky chips 2.95

Our Little Ducklings

All children’s meals 6.50

Aberdeen angus burger with chunky chips & tomato ketchup

Rare breed saddleback pork chipolata sausages, mash & garden peas

Homemade breaded fish fingers chunky chips & garden peas

Breaded scampi chunky chips & garden peas

Homemade Pie of the week, chunky chips & peas

Chicken Nuggets, chunky chips & beans

Dessert Menu

Warm Chocolate Fudge Brownie, delicious chocolate fudge brownie, smothered in rich baileys chocolate sauce served with vanilla pod ice cream 6.25

Apple and Sticky Toffee Pudding, A slab of apple and sticky toffee pudding smothered in butterscotch sauce, served with vanilla pod ice cream or custard 6.25

Honey and Treacle Tart, Golden blend of baked wildflower honey and sticky treacle, fruit compote, honeycomb ice cream or clotted cream

Cheesecake of the Week, Stem ginger and digestive biscuit base creamy cheesecake filling (Ask staff for this week’s flavour) 6.25

Gin and bitter Lemon Tart, A Sweet shortcrust pastry filled with sharp gin and bitter lemon gel served with a forest fruit compote 6.25

Chocolate Fudge Sundae, Chunks of moist chocolate brownie layered between vanilla pod and a Belgian chocolate ice cream topped with a rich chocolate sauce and real dairy cream 6.25

Sticky Toffee Sundae, Golden chunks of lavish sticky toffee pudding enriched in a butterscotch sauce surrounded by honeycomb and vanilla pod ice cream topped with real dairy cream 6.25

Local British Cheeseboard – Kidderton Ash, Cherry Smoked Cheddar, Crook Blue, Mrs Kirkhams Aged, Garstang White, Bowland Cheese, served with tomato chutney, quince jelly & millers damsel biscuits (cheese tastings notes available)

Cheese board for Two 11.95

Cheese board for One 8.95

Why not add a Glass of Taylors Reserve Port 3.75

Ice Cream One Scoop 1.95 Two Scoops 2.95

Hot Drinks

Please ask a member of staff for our selection of Hot drinks

Vegetarian & Vegan Menu


Sweet Potato Falafel bites with sweet chili dip (V)(VG) 3.95

Cheesy Garlic bread, balsamic glaze (V) 4.25

Lime & Coriander Hummus, Grilled Pitta, Lemon Oil (V)(VG) 5.95


Grilled Haloumi and Roasted Pepper Sandwich with vegan mayo (V)(VG) 6.25

Lancashire Cheese & Pickle Sandwich 5.95

Cheese and Onion Pie, Chips & beans (V) 12.95

Vegan Chorizo red pepper sausages, mash & green beans (V)(VG) 11.95

Cauliflower & Roasted Vegetable Curry & rice (V)(VG) 10.95

Quinoa & Five Bean Chilli & Rice (V)(VG) 10.95

Spiced Bean burger served with sweet potato fries (V) 10.95

Vegan Pulled pork style burger served with fries (V)(VG) 11.95

The chefs special cheese & mushroom Omelette (V) 10.95


Summer Berry Eton Mess Sundae, Summer Berries, Soy Yoghurt (V)(VG) 6.25

Gluten Free Menu


Nachos with melted cheese & chipotle mayo (V) 3.95

Soup of the day, gluten free bread (V) 4.75

Chicken liver parfait, red onion chutney & warm gluten free toast 6.25

Creamy goats cheese sat on a gluten free croute, red onion marmalade, balsamic glaze (V) 6.95

Creamy garlic mushrooms served with gluten free bread 5.95

Morecambe bay potted shrimp, maze butter & warm gluten free toast 7.95


Strawbury Duck Breast, pan fried duck breast, dauphinoise potato, savoy cabbage, bacon, carrot puree, strawberry & port jus 17.95

Pan Fried Chicken Breast with chunky chips, kale a& peppercorn sauce 13.95

Gammon Steak, fried egg, fresh pineapple, hand cut chunky chips & peas 11.95

Rare breed chargrilled 8oz 28 day matured ribeye steak, hand cut chunky chips and grilled potato 18.95

The chef’s special cheese and mushrooms omelette, Cajun fries and a mixed salad 10.95

Tandoor Chicken hanging kebab, garlic butter, chipotle mayo, fries & a mixed salad 14.95


Mashed Potato 2.25

Garlic butter 2.00

Skinny fries 2.95

Mixed Veg 2.95

Peppercorn sauce 2.95

Chunky chips 2.95

Coleslaw 1.00

Blue Cheese sauce 2.95

Gluten Free Sandwiches

Served Daily 12pm-3pm

Good old Lancashire cheese sandwich, local creamy Lancashire cheese and chunky branston pickle 5.95

Tuna Sarnie, Tuna mayo, spring onion & fresh cucumber 5.95

Hot Roast Beef Sandwich, horseradish sauce & red onion marmalade 7.95

Pig Butty, warm rare breed BBQ pulled pork, chipotle mayo & homemade coleslaw 7.95

Add mug of soup 2.00 Add Homemade chunky chips 2.95

Sunday Lunch

The Strawbury Duck Roast Dinner

Served with a giant homemade Yorkshire pudding, honey roast parsnips, broccoli, savoy cabbage, carrot & swede mash,crisp roast potatoes & lashings of homemade gravy 12.95

Just choose your meat

Rare breed Roast Beef

Herdwick Roast Leg of Lamb

Honey & mustard Roast Ham

Rosemary Roast Chicken Breast

Can’t decide which meat to choose?

Why not try our 3 meat roast, just choose your 3 favourite meats 14.95

Add extra pot of gravy 1.00

*please note on a Sunday some of our other dishes may vary please speak to someone in the restaurant who will be happy to assist*

Steak and Grill Night

Strawbury Duck Steak and Grill Night
Served every Wednesday from 5pm

Choose 2 of the below and a bottle of Red or White wine for only £17.95

Aberdeen Angus 6oz Ribeye served with a watercress salad
Aberdeen Angus 6oz Rump served with a watercress salad
Special dry cured Gammon served with a watercress salad
Grille farmhouse Chicken breast served with a watercress salad

Add sides £2.00
Chunky chips
Onion rings
Peppercorn sauce
Diane sauce
Blue cheese sauce
Mixed vegetables
Double fried egg
Garden peas
Sauteed mushrooms
Mixed salad
Confit tomato
Creamy coleslaw